Allowing patients a choice in care.
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NoCare Features

NoCare was built with fireman for fireman. It allows native Android and iPhone use in the field to help with no transport patients.No care is completely configurable, allowing for medical director terminology and agency integration.


Allows for Agency and Medical Director configuration, allowing change in terminology and use.

Easy Use

NoCare was build for easy use from QR code download and setup, to a 4 step process for patient records.

Easy Form Delivery

After the NoCare process is complete, the patient can choose to receive the signed copy by email, mail, or text. NoCare saves the copy for 90 days and can be imported into your RMS.


BackEnd Management Dashboard

All of NoCare use and activities are available to administrators of the system. There are many features to the administration portal, some being:

Viewing Reports

Analyzing Statistics

Incident Management

View Incident Geolocation

Correlate with RMS

Works on all Apple and Android Devices.

NoCare was developed to make the no patient transport process easy and legally sound. We designed it such as way that allows the use of mobile devices that have wireless ability (4G/LTE/5G) to use and interact with the application effortlessly.

Administration of the system can also be used in a variety of wats on a workstation, laptop, tablet, iPad, or any other device that has the ability to access websites.

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Pricing is Simple

Our pricing is simple, straight forward, and we offer a variety of payment options credit cards, apple pay, P.O.

Volunteer Fire Fighters


  • Per Fire Fighter

  • No Limits

  • All features

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Career Fire Fighters


  • Per Fire Fighter

  • No Limits

  • All features

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  • 1 letter per address

  • Includes paper, envelopes, postage

  • Next business day mailing

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Why choose NoCare

Easy to Use

NoCare's 4 step process makes the process clean, easy, and effective.

EMS Designed

Developed for Fire Fighters, by FireFighters. It is effective and works.

No Hassle Support

Our support is fast, effective, and efficient . We get you back to what you do best, handle emergencies.


Backend administration is easy, effective, and user friendly.


Nocare is configurable to Medical director and Fire administration specifications.

Waver Distribution

We offer a variety of option to send signed wavers, e-mail, sms, and mail services.

Easy to get started

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Select the Sign Up Now button to begin the registration process. It process should take no more than 5 minutes.

Review NCIC Information

Review the NFIRS information about your department, which includes fire fighter types and counts.


Payment types available are Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Purchase Order.

Agency Testimonials

At NoCare, we believe in word of mouth. We do not employee sales people, do not advertize in trade racks, limit participation in conferences, and never-ever cold call. We understand that our brand is our reputations, and is our badge of honor. Here is a testimonial of a few of our customers.

John Doe

Love It

Anna Aston

Love it

Maria Kate

Lo adoro!

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